Food for a day in Japan

I thought it would be interesting to see how much I ate on a typical day in Japan, some Japanese food didn’t have a ready analogue with western food so I’ve tried to describe it:


2 small bananas  around 100 kcal
2 tuna onigiri/rice balls 386 kcal
1 mystery flavour onigiri/rice ball 154 kcal


1 choc chip sponge bun 450 kcal


1 sake cake 312 kcal


1 tuna onigiri/rice ball 193 kcal
1 fish onigiri/rice ball 159 kcal
1 pack of caramelised chipped potatoes 496 kcal
4 granola buns 516 kcal


Gel pack 180 kcal


1 pack of crouton like crisps 552 kcal


1 chicken and rice bento 840 kcal
2 curry flavoured meat sandwiches 304 kcal
3 sticks dango, sweet rice balls around 300 kcal
1 bun 399kcal
450gm yogurt 283 kcal with honey

Total of kcalories: around 5624


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