Pre ride

Surprisingly it is actually happening, I’m apparently going to try and travel round the world, on a bicycle.  I have to now; I’ve quit my job, moved out of my flat, bought a bike and told a lot of people that is what I am going to do.  I am planning on setting off in about a week and did my first fully laden training ride today.  Seventy kilometres in beautiful sunshine across the rolling hills of Wiltshire.  Sadly I doubt everyday will be like this…

Earlier in the week I had to repair my first puncture, which embarrassingly happened on the forecourt of the bicycle repair shop where I’d been doing some mechanics training, which had unfortunately closed for the night.  Two and a half hours  later I was able to return home… A lot of lessons were learned, the main one being that if your tire is going down it is almost definitely a puncture and also that my bike lights, thankfully, work really well.

The bike


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