Here are a collection of links that I have found useful or interesting relating to my trip:

Cycle Touring – lots of information and inspiration for setting off on a cycle tour

Bicycle touring checklist – very comprehensive list of items you might need for bicycle touring. – incredible resource for everything cycling – excellent information on maintenance and bicycle setup. – lots of advice on various aspects of cycle touring, including specifics on different regions and or countries. – a site that hosts touring journals and has lots of other information about cycle touring

About bicycle touring issues – some help selecting a bike

Travel advice – Essential travel information for central Asia – from Visas, ferry crossings, borders to bicycle shops it seems to have everything you could possibly need.

Lonely Planet ThorntreeThe Lonely Planet Thorn Tree is a good forum site that often has lots of useful information when travelling across the world.

Other cycle tourists I’ve met – I rode with Rubina through some of Turkey and all of Georgia and Azerbaijan; this is her blog. – I met Helen in Aktau – she has made some incredible tours and is planning an even more astounding one through Siberia – in winter. – I went to university with B and only discovered she was making a similar trip to me with her husband once I had started. – I met Zac in Osh, he is going roughly the same direction as me but is planning on finishing up in Sydney. – I briefly met Stephen cycling through Kyrgyzstan. – James was travelling with Stephen both planning on heading across China – I met Pascal in Kashgar, he was heading back towards Canada round from Australia. – I met Will and Johan as we were all three about to take the Qingdao to Seoul ferry, they were doing pretty much the same route as I am but at an incredible speed.




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