Final Kit List

Most kit lists I see are either made at the beginning of the trip or seem to be what someone would carry ideally.  This list is what was in my bags when I got home as I forgot to make a list before I left.  There are some stupid things in there. For instance a Schrader inner tube when my rims are Presta (I didn’t realise it was the wrong valve until I wrote this list).  There are also a few things I should have sent home or just gotten rid of.

I’ve made a note next to some items:

X – wouldn’t carry again if I did this tour once more

?? – I am not sure why I was carrying this at all

S – seasonal, wouldn’t be in my bags all year

H – should have been sent home

Clothes wearing on return

1 x bionic sports cap
1 x Hi Viz waistcoat
1 x thinsulate 40g insulated gloves pair
1 x Montane waterproof cycling jacket
1 x Quechua down gilet S
1 x long sleeved CCUK cycling jersey
1 x bionic sweat band
1 x CCUK short sleeve cycle jersey
1 x merino wool buff
1 x pair Giant cycling gloves
1 x pair Altura mountain biking shorts
1 x pair Open Road padded cycling shorts
1 x pair Smart Wool thick hiking socks
1 x pair Wedze long silk socks
1 x pair Meindl walking shoes

Other clothes

1 x pair Sealskin waterproof cycling socks X
1 x wool shawl
1 x woolly hat
1 x pair Gordini down gloves S
1 x pair North Cape long johns X
1 x Clarks sandals
1 x pair British army Goretex trousers
1 x UV buff
1 x Uni Qlo polo shirt X
1 x long sleeved t shirt X
2 x ex officio boxer shorts
1 x Berghaus trouser/short combo
1 x pair Moon climbing shorts
1 x Lowe Alpine long sleeve base layer
1 x pair Endura padded cycle shorts
1 x Northface thick base layer
1 x pair Xbionic hiking socks
2 x pairs Xbionic running socks
1 x eye mask X
1 x Jack Wolfskin fleece
1 x outdoor research sunhat with neck guard


1 x Macpac Minaret tent
1 x Alpkit Airo self inflating camping mattress
1 x Thermarest self inflating camping pad
1 x Jag bag silk sleeping liner
1 x Alpkit Sky High 600 sleeping bag
1 x Terra Nova competition tarp one X
5 x plastic clothes pegs
1 x Life Venture trek towel large X
1 x Quechua LED camping light
Toilet paper
1 x pack baby wipes
1 x Japanese portable mosquito coil burner S
Box of mosquito coils S
2 x petzl head torches


1 x Topeak turbo morph pump
1 x Triple BBB bike cleaning brush
1 x toothbrush – for bike cleaning
3 x plastic tyre levers
1 x multi spanner
1 x wheel tuner
1 x puncture repair kit
1 x bottle T9 bicycle lubricant
1 x Topeak alien 2 multi tool
2 x pitlock wheel keys
5 x bolts  chain ring ??
1 x small section chain ??
1 x pack Zefal glueless patches
1 x rubber patch  ??
1 x presta auto repairing inner tube
2 x presta inner tubes repaired
1 x Schrader inner tube (I only just realised this wasn’t a presta…) ??
1 x front and 1 rear quick release axle
1 x partly used bottle muc off dry lube
2 x spare brake cables
1 x resealable bag with grease
Various zip ties
Various rubber bands
1 x next best thing mk 2 lock ring remover for touring bikes X
2 x pairs spare brake pads
1 x resealable bag with waterproof putty
1 x resealable bag with ball bearings ??
1 x spare chain
2 x chain connectors X
1 x small bottle bike touch up paint X
1 x small fragment of chain ??
1 x resealable bag with connectors for dynamo light ??
1 x click stand rubber tip X
2 x small cloths
Spare spokes


Roughly 200g of self mixed trail mix
1 x can albacore tuna
2 and a half slices German sunflower bread
3 x 150g packets of instant rice
1 x backpackers pantry scrambled egg with baco bits
3 x US MRE survival packs
1 x MRE tropical punch beverage pack
1 x small pot cinnamon
1 x container salt
1 x pot of sirop of Liege apricot flavour
various instant noodle flavour sachets

Cooking and eating

1 x ecloth general purpose
1 x plastic spork
1 x titanium spork
1 x spork case
1 x Primus Omni fuel stove
1 x Primus Omni fuel stove tool
1 x Primus Omni fuel stove bag
1 x Primus silicone grease bottle
1 x Primus Omni fuel stove spare filter
1 x Primus one litre eta power stove pot (battered)
2 x 100g Primus camping gas bottles
1 x Primus stove wind shield
1 x Primus stove pot detachable pan handle
2 x disposable lighter
1 x sea to summit collapsible bowl
2 x 1L cycling water bottles
1 x 1L mineral water bottle

First Aid kit

1 x tubular support bandage
1 x cotton crepe bandage X
1 x tube ibuprofen cream nearly empty
1 x tube savlon antiseptic cream 30g
1 x box 5 double edge razors
1 x pot survival matches unused
1 x roll zinc oxide plaster tape
1 x roll waterproof adhesive tape
1 x box 7 non stick hospital grade pads
100 x water purification tablets unused
1 x mini sterile first aid kit unused
1 x first aid kit with various supplies including painkillers, plasters, scissors
1 x 5 100mg vitamin C dietary supplements
1 x sachet rehydration salts S
1 x Soltan 50 UV moisturising suncream spray 75 ml S
2 x cotton made to measure sunblocking scarves for legs S
1 x bug off mosquito repellent spray 100 ml S
1 x odomos mosquito repellent cream 100 g S
3 x bunion pads for saddle sore


Various ear plugs
Tent pole repair sheath
1 x Leatherman multi tool
Various shoe laces
Key ring with redundant keys ??
2 x luggage straps
1 x lightweight rigid keyboard
1 x compass
Various resealable plastic bags
Various plastic bags
2 x 1 inch width gorilla duct tape
1 x Swiss Army Knife
1 x small used bottle of hand cleaner
1 x tube of lip balm
Various business cards, tickets, cards and papers relating to the trip H
Various documents and papers eg travel insurance, passport copy
1 x passport
1 x spibelt
1 x geigerrig 3l water bladder
1 x cycle helmet
1 x spare pair of glasses
various keys for bike locks, lost or currently owned ??
various currency  places visited
1 x pair of prescription sunglasses
1 x sports glasses with interchangeable lenses and prescription clip in and case
3 x glasses cleaning cloths
1 x rear view mirror that clips on glasses  X
1 x wallet
3 x Moleskine small notebooks
1 x Please Light my Fire fire starter X


I have too many maps, most of these should have been sent home at an earlier point. I must have had about 3kg of them by the end of the trip, which is ridiculous.

1 x map of the USA H
1 x map of Texas H
1 x Judge Roy Bean museum pamphlet H
1 x Rhone Alps Michelin region map
1 x Philadelphia & Mid Atlantic States H
1 x Oregon and Washington coast map H
1 x Arizona and New Mexico H
1 x  Central Coast region H
1 x USA Four corners H
1 x Deep south including Florida H
1 x California H
1 x Eastern Jefferson County bicycle map H
1 x nord pas de Calais, Picardie Michelin regional
1 x Southern Belgian Michelin regional
1 x Alsace Lorraine Michelin regional
1 x south west Switzerland Michelin regional
1 x north Switzerland Michelin regional
4 x pages  UK road atlas
1 x north east Italy Michelin regional H
1 x north west Italy Michelin regional H
1 x Spain Portugal Michelin national
1 x Zaragoza cycling map
1 x Languedoc Roussillon Michelin regional
1 x south east England Michelin regional
1 x metro Vancouver cycling map H
Various sheets  Japanese road atlas H


1 x pot chamois cream  Nevada
2 x 100ml bottles of Dr Bronners soap
1 x mostly used tube of colgate toothpaste
1 x toothbrush
1 x mostly used diaper rash cream X
1 x Mitchum anti perspirant
1 x Life venture travel sink plug
1 x lifeventure soft fibre trek towel small
1 x mostly used Endura chamois cream tube
1 x safety razor
1 x Wilkinson sword razor handle X
4 x small bars of soap
1 x pair of tweezers
4 x Gillette safety razor blades


1 x 2600 mah cache battery
1 x double double USB plug charger
various SD cards
1 x broken Samsung Galaxy SII phone X
1 x camera charger for broken camera X
3 x AAA batteries
2 x spare CR2032 batteries
1 x spare battery for broken phone
1 x Canon SX700HS camera
1 x camera bag
1 x spare camera battery
1 x camera charger
1 x headphones
various USB charging cables and adaptors
1 x MP3 player
1 x Anker large cache battery
1 x small notebook
4 x pens
1 x USB key
1 x kindle
1 x Samsung Nexus 7″ tablet
various sim cards
1 x working Samsung Galaxy SII secondhand in Japan
adaptor set for tablet


2 x Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Panniers Black
2 x Ortlieb Front Roller Plus Panniers Black
1 x Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Barbag
1 x Alpkit Gourdon 30L rolltop drybag rucksack
1 x Alpkit Airlok Xtra 6Ll rolltop drybag
Various Alpkit drybags for compartmentalising kit
1 x Topeak TriBag with Rain Cover Black
1 x Topeak Aero Wedge (Clip On) Medium Saddle Bag Black (now used in panniers as clip broke) X


4 thoughts on “Final Kit List

    • I found they weren’t worth carrying for my trip. When I wore them it tended to be in all day rain and they’d end up getting soaked through like normal socks anyway. Also I found they were not warm enough compared to a silk sock thick sock combo.
      If I looked into it again I’d think about some sort of overshoe to keep my shoes and feet dry.
      They weren’t particularly comfortable either!

      • Thanks, good to know! I have Vaude shoe covers which I can’t recommend either. Somehow the rain manages to find its way in after an hour or so. So maybe I should simply accept that rain is wet…

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