Indian road rules


As I am riding in India I decided to try and find a copy of India’s road rules. This was harder than you’d think, especially as the majority of people didn’t think they even existed…

But after a hard search here they are:

1) You are always right. So never ever give way, except to vehicles or animals larger or holier than you.

2) All journeys are a race you cannot afford to lose; so never miss an opportunity to overtake.  If there isn’t an opportunity to overtake, overtake anyway.

2) You must use your horn at least 1000 times each day, failure to do so will result in a fine.
Note: if you have to sit in your vehicle and sound off randomly to meet quota so be it.

3) when using your horn any manoeuvre becomes legal. This includes but is not exclusive to:
a) Driving the wrong way down any kind of road
b) Overtaking at any point: includes hills, bends, in busy towns and into oncoming traffic.
c) Reversing down highways
d) Breaking the speed limit
e) Running smaller vehicles off the road

4) Only check mirrors or blind spot after you’ve started to pull out.

5) You’re invincible, drive like it.

6) Don’t use indicators

7) Please use your phone if necessary

8) Your vehicle is only overloaded if it won’t move

9) Your vehicle is too wide only if you get stuck.

10) Speed limits should be viewed as guidelines and note that they are lower not upper limits.

11) Please drive on the left hand side of the road, unless it is inconvenient to do so.


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